John Manjiro
Biographical Information
Kanji ジョン万次郎
Also Known as J
Horoscope Capricorn
Birthday January 11
Hobby Petting animals
Special Skill Espionage
Instrument Guitar
Physical and Vital Statistics
Heigt 175cm
Weight 59kg
Blood Type O
Game Bakumatsu Rock: Ultra Soul
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuh from Vistlip
A new character in Bakumatsu Rock: Ultra Soul. He is interested in technology and is known as the best guitarist in the world. He is the only man who stays with Matthew and they are together a band.


He doesn't talk much and expresses his feelings through his guitar.


When he first joined the navy he didn't talked much and was always alone, but later his feelings got through and he became friends with everyone.


  • He dislikes liquor.
  • His favorite food is sweets.



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